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Max. door leaf weight    100 kg



We proudly present a new system for interiorpassage door – STANLUX. It is a combination of elegant and delicate lines with a stronger and more rigid construction of the upper rail.

Rail in STANLUX system:
– pre-drilled for simpler installation
– thicker walls for stable and quieter work
– made of high quality anodized aluminum
– cover profile and wall dostance profile mounted with a “click” directly to the rail. No additional elements are needed to install those elements.

Caring for the modern design of your interior, we have designed a new lower cover profile. Additionally, to increase the functionality of the system, we offer an anti-dust brush, that can be used to mask the gap between the upper edge of the door and the cover profile. We offer brush in two colors – white and grey.

We made every effort to provide a system with a simple and intuitive mounting.

As a result, the upper rail is designed to put the cover profile directly on it. As an option for the upper rail, we have also prepared a wall distance profile, that is mounted to the wall, in the same length as the upper rail. The installation of the upper rail is made with a so called “click”.

The maximal width of the board without the wall distance profile is 24mm, with the profile it is 40mm. We have also prepared accessories – a seal to enhance the system’s work, that can be also used with the wall distance profile, and a softcloser. Both elements can be bought separately.